Business Plans

A business plan is perhaps one of the first and most critical documents a business owner ever has to write. Simply put, it is a detailed illustration…

Pitch Decks

We have been working in the startup space for almost a decade now, and our expertise lies in making not just bespoke business plans but powerful pitch decks as well. In the past ten years…

Financial Models

One of the most important objectives of a business plan is to plan the finances. This involves estimating how much money is required to set everything up, amount of money that will be…


We help our clients raise required funds from potential investors by providing them with a unified and robust solution.Stellar was formed by our parent company ONS Business Consulting with the…

Other Services

We offer a range of different services assisting both buy and sell-side companies by providing our skills and expertise in the field of corporate finance.

Who Is It For?

We have designed our services keeping a typical entrepreneur in mind. You had your light bulb moment and want to take it from idea to launch, and you need help! The first thing you need is a plan and then some money to put into action. This service is for you if:

    • You are at the ideation or prototyping stage
    • You need help refining your unique value proposition
    • You have a prototype but are pre-revenue
    • You have a plan but need some hand-holding
    • You have some traction but want to raise a pre-seed/seed/Series A round of funding
    • You have been in business for a few years but need a change of direction
    • You have raised funding before and are looking to raise the next round
    • You are an established business, looking to expand/add more products/services

Sectors We Have Worked For

We like to think of ourselves as industry-agnostic since we have virtually worked for almost all sectors in the last 10 years. Some of the most common industries we have worked for include


Real Estate

Healthcare & Pharmaceutical



Food & Beverage



Energy, Oil, Gas




Fitness & Beauty


Financial Service


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