Executive Summary

One of the most essential sections of a business plan that is usually written last. The purpose of this executive summary is to summarise the rest of the plan, highlight important aspects such as the company brief & history, purpose of the plan, financial assumptions taken and the startup costs estimated to run the business. The idea is to introduce your plan to the reader in a condensed, precise form. It should talk about the highlights of your business, your mission statement, the history of your company and what you see in its future.

Company Description

This section of the plan goes into further detail about your company, its vision, mission and values, its products/services and the value proposition that differentiates the company from its competitors.

Market Analysis

This is where we talk about what you know about your industry, and the market your product or service will serve. We discuss your target market, its size, and the distinguishing characteristics of your offering. You also analyse the approximate obtainable share of the market that you can capitalize on.

Organisation and Management

This section usually contains a description of the organisational structure of your company. We include profiles of the management team and also, discuss hiring plans for the foreseeable future, preferably the next three years.

Service or Product Line

This is where we include a description of your product or service, and the consumer needs that it meets or the current problems that it solves. Talk about any patents filed, if applicable, that makes it proprietary. Discuss the offering in detail with features, pricing, how it works, consumer journey etc.

Marketing and Sales

We describe your overall marketing strategy, both online and offline, and how you plan to penetrate the market and acquire customers.

Financial Projections

We describe your business model and provide projections of financial statements for the next five years. This includes a description of any underlying assumptions taken to construct the financial model.

Funding Request

This is the place where you describe your funding needs and the amount of investment you’re seeking to raise. We also include a description of how you plan to use those funds over a fixed period.


Anything that we feel is relevant and important but does not exactly fit in with the main sections of the plan goes in here like company registration documents, team CVs, referral letters etc.

Why Stellar?


Do not confuse us to be copywriters. We do write excellent business plans, yes but that’s secondary (and second-nature for us!). We are experts with a background in investment banking, asset management, strategy consulting and financial analysis. We will help you develop an actual strategy for your business right from ideation – this includes product scope and refinement, pricing, identifying feasible markets, sourcing and establishing strategic partnerships, defining the business roadmap, estimating startup budget, and providing input wherever required


We have been writing investor business plans for the last ten years. Most of our consultants have pitched before investors before and know exactly what a potential investor looks for. There are certain questions they need answers to, and they should come across very clearly in your business plan as well as the investor pitch deck.


Our service is affordable compared to others but superior in terms of customer service. We assign a dedicated Stellar consultant to your business plan who always remains in contact with you for the entirety of the project. All our business plans come with three complimentary consultations that you can avail any time


Identifying the target market of your business is one of the most important aspects of a business plan. What’s more important is quantifying how big that market is. We resort to credible (some of which are paid) market databases and sources to gather reliable information about your target market, typical customer profile and industry trends. We include a detailed TAM, SAM and SOM analysis and comprehensive comparative analysis. We also look at industry benchmarks while building your financial model to demonstrate a correlation with industry performance.

A Rapid-fire Business Plan & Pitch Deck Critique By One Of Our Experts

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What Will The Session Include?

The critique session with our consultant will include a review of:

    • General layout, look and feel
    • Completeness of business plan / pitch deck
    • Language and tone
    • Major weaknesses
    • Missing information
    • Sections that can be improved and how

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