Project Overview

Due to the rising popularity of the CBD industry, our client, grandson of a legendary singer and songwriter, decided to start a lifestyle, health and wellness brand that will sell premium quality CBD products. Their business is an alternative health and wellness company that will focus on developing premium strains to help people take advantage of the many natural health benefits of CBD. They are initiating business with five products and have already completed the design of their packaging and labelling.

They sought our help to build a comprehensive business and operational pan for their business specifically focusing on the marketing & sales strategy

How We Helped

  • When they came to us, they were in the process of developing their ecommerce website. 
  • Their Stellar consultant helped them refine their financial plan and build a sophisticated budget of future earnings and expenditure. We also developed their business plan and pitch deck which were going to be presented for their first round of funding. 
  • We placed special emphasis on the marketing strategy which was specifically developed keeping their products and target audience in mind.
  • We also assisted in finalising the design of their ecommerce website as well as product packaging.

Immediate impact


Raised in seed funding


Active users on website

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