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In the last year, our clients’ pitches have been presented to sought-after startup funds, invested in by Silicon Valley investors, in the boardrooms of prestigious VCs, presented at Dragon’s Den (UK) and successful at raising every dollar they were seeking for.

Your story, Your way

To us, a pitch deck is more than just a PPT file with a few slides and some graphics. It’s about compelling storytelling. We strive to understand your story and tell it in a manner that you envision. There’s no such thing as an ‘investor-winning deck format’. Every business is different, and so is their story. Which is why it is really important to understand the company, its people, its objectives, and then convert it into simple yet powerful words as well as illustrations. It is your story, and we want to tell it your way!

Benefits of working with Stellar:

  • You’ll know for sure that you’ve given your 100% to the one shot you get of standing in a room full of people with big pockets and high hopes
  • You’ll save money by reusing our work in all your future decks – and avoid paying retainers to expensive consultants who charge tens of thousands.
  • You’ll get high-quality documents that narrate your story in the best manner possible and is music to the investors’ ears
  • AND MOST IMPORTANTLY, you get a Stellar Pitch Deck!

A Typical Pitch Deck We Create Includes:

Vision and Value Proposition

A quick one-sentence overview of your business is about and the value you provide to your target market. Think of it almost as a short and sweet tweet – don’t wait around until slide 3 to actually start talking about your business. Give it a smashing start.

The Problem

This is where we talk about the problem that your business is aiming to solve or the opportunity that you have identified. We need to keep it very precise and to-the-point and at the same point, tell a relatable story so that problems feel as real as possible to the investors. That is how they will get connected to your business and value proposition.

Target Market and Opportunity

You’ve described your problem, and this is where you describe who your ideal customers are and how many are there. What is the total market size, and how do you position yourself in that market. Some might argue the placement of this slide and that it should come after the Solution slide. But the idea is to tell a story. And this slide is a natural continuation of the Problem slide and quantifies the extent and impact of the problems identified.

The Solution

You’ve defined the problem and how prominent that problem- yes it’s terrible out there! And to keep the deck flowing in a logical and easy-to-absorb pattern, the next slide should talk about the solution you offer to the problems identified in the previous slide. This is where you finally describe your product/service and how it comes to the rescue. This usually takes about 2-3 slides to demonstrate your product/service with nice renderings and images.

Revenue/Business Model

Once you’ve described your product/service and what it does, the investors then want to get to the point and know how it makes you (and possibly them) money! What do you charge, possible revenue streams and sometimes you can also mention how you’re priced in comparison to the competition.


If you already have some sales, then this is the place to flaunt off the raving response you have been receiving. Investors are really interested to know that your product fits well with the market and in a way, is a validation to your concept. You can also use the space here to pan out key milestones of the business. What you’ve achieved so far, and what goals you have set for the next 3-5 years (in some case 12-24 months)

Marketing and Sales Strategy

This is where you outline your go-to-market and sales strategy. In today’s competitive world, it is becoming increasingly harder and all the more important to get the attention of your target customers. Your product/service might be brilliant and a perfect match for their needs but in the absence of a solid marketing plan, it just might not sell!


Highlight key team members who have the relevant skills and experience to make this business a success. If you do not have a complete team yet, identify the key positions you need to fill for the company to grow.


Let’s talk numbers! The most favourite part for a VC at least. Investors want to see how you’ve done in the sales so far and what your forecasts for the next 3-5 years look like. We don’t want to overwhelm them with lots and lots of numbers. Key metrics to highlight here would be sales, total customers, total expenses, profits and profit margins.

Competitive Landscape

We have described our business and what it has to offer, but investors want to know how we differ from other players in the industry (if any). This is usually a tabular comparison of your business with comparable competitors over several parameters and what you bring to the table that they do not.

Investment and Use of Funds

And it’s finally time to pop the question – will you give us money? Well, you don’t actually ask that here but basically, explain the investment opportunity. How much money are you looking to raise, what are you offering in return for their money, and how do you plan to use that money?

Pitch Deck Samples

Pitch Deck/Interim CFO for Crypto Trading Platform

Pitch Deck for Management Buyout of a Private General Hospital

Pitch Deck for Rewards & Referrals App

A Rapid-fire Business Plan & Pitch Deck Critique By One Of Our Experts

If you already have a business plan and pitch deck that you just want reviewed by a fresh pair of eyes, then you’ve come to the right place because we have seen it all. You can now book an intensive one-to-one teardown session with one of our expert Consultants starting at just $300!

What Will The Session Include?

The critique session with our consultant will include a review of:

    • General layout, look and feel
    • Completeness of business plan / pitch deck
    • Language and tone
    • Major weaknesses
    • Missing information
    • Sections that can be improved and how

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