Phase One - Investment Readiness

The first phase is all about helping you reach investor-readiness through improvement of your business and investment case as well as fundraising materials.

We will make sure your fundraising materials including business model canvas, one-pagers, business plan and investor pitch decks are in accordance with investor preferences by either helping you create them from scratch or performing an in-depth quality assurance review of your existing materials.

Phase Two - Target Investors

The next phase includes compiling an extensive list of potential investors to approach. Depending on the type and amount of investment, business model and industry we will identify suitable investors (i.e. angel or VC) who’s appetite, preferences and risk tolerance match with your particular business. We scan our Investor database for investors looking at opportunities like yours (based on geography, industry, stage, check size etc).

Phase Three - Investor Outreach

Once we have identified and scoped out relevant investors, we reach out to decision makers to collect interest and feedback on the investment opportunity. We meet with potential investor contacts, answer the first set of questions and then organize pitch calls & meetings between you and interested parties.

Phase Four - Final Contract

We assist in investment negotiations and contract formalities that take place after a formal interest has been shown in your business case.

We help finalise the investment terms & conditions by taking part in investor meetings and negotiations.

Phase Five - Post-investment Support

Managing use of raised proceeds is more challenging than actually raising those funds. We help you make strategic decisions so as to use the raised investment in the most optimised manner by providing interim CFO support (link to relevant page), and comprehensive strategic planning. As your interim CFO, we help you set the right financial tone for your business to ensure any current and future investment is utilised in the most efficient and accountable manner.

Potential Investors

Our preferred approach is to connect clients with investors in our network to make the process as quick and easy as possible. But we also look outside of our network, carrying out extensive research to identify the right people for your company. The process can be long and may test your patience a lot but if you are the next unicorn then we leave no stone unturned to get you the investment and partnership you rightly deserve. We approach:

    • Angel Investors
    • Family Offices
    • Venture Capitalists
    • Grant Organizations
    • Private Equity Firms
    • Other institutional investors

Our Clients


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