Factors to consider in your own business plan

  • Is there a demand for that product or service in your geographic area?
  • How will you acquire customers? How famous is the brand/company in your geographic/preferred area?
  • What about recurring overheads? For example, raw materials in your region can cost a lot more in comparison to where the franchise company is
  • How big does the physical space need to be? How many staff will it require?

Sometimes franchisors require prospective franchisees to begin work and/or substantially complete their business plans before being approved as new franchisees. This process will not only help your franchisee application but also help you make the right decision in terms of whether this is a suitable investment for you.

Our consultants at Stellar have helped write dozens of franchise business plans. Some of these have actually helped people decide whether or not a particular franchise is the right fit for them and their target market.

Why Stellar?


We have previously created business plans for many famous franchises, including cafes, restaurants, ice-cream shops etc. Since a lot of the information about the business is already available, we focus our efforts more towards the local research and quantifying the actual demand of the products/services in the market in question


Since 2012, we have worked with over 1,000 businesses, including startups, SMEs and large enterprises. We have established a respected name for ourselves in the industry and are proud of what we’ve achieved so far. Some of the franchises we have worked on include Shoryu Ramen, Ryo’s, Innovative Fitness, Gulf Mexico and many more.


Our service is affordable compared to others but superior in terms of customer service. We assign a dedicated Stellar consultant to your business plan who always remains in contact with you for the entirety of the project. All our business plans come with three complimentary consultations that you can avail any time


Identifying the target market of your business is one of the most important aspects of a business plan. What’s more important is quantifying how big that market is. We resort to credible (some of which are paid) market databases and sources to gather reliable information about your target market, typical customer profile and industry trends. We include a detailed TAM, SAM and SOM analysis and comprehensive comparative analysis. We also look at industry benchmarks while building your financial model to demonstrate a correlation with industry performance.

A Rapid-fire Business Plan & Pitch Deck Critique By One Of Our Experts

If you already have a business plan and pitch deck that you just want reviewed by a fresh pair of eyes, then you’ve come to the right place because we have seen it all. You can now book an intensive one-to-one teardown session with one of our expert Consultants starting at just $300!

What Will The Session Include?

The critique session with our consultant will include a review of:

    • General layout, look and feel
    • Completeness of business plan / pitch deck
    • Language and tone
    • Major weaknesses
    • Missing information
    • Sections that can be improved and how

Now that’s money well-spent


Do not overthink and book a critique session now.

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