What Does A Financial Model Include

A typical financial we build includes projected financial statements alongside our workings of the projected revenue and expenses. The tabs in our financial model generally include (these might differ from business to business):

  • Financial Highlights: An input sheet that drives the rest of the model and provides a snapshot of the model
  • Income Statement: Forecasted income statement for 5 years based on Revenue, Expense, Depreciation, Direct Costs and Staffing tabs
  • Investment Breakdown: An estimate of the finances required to cover expenses for the first 12-18 months and their breakdown
  • Balance Sheet: Forecasted balance sheet statement for 5 years based
  • Revenue: Revenue projections for the next 5 years alongside underlying assumptions
  • Cash Flow: Forecasted cash flow statement for 5 years
  • Expenses: Expense projections for the next 5 years alongside underlying assumptions
  • DCF Valuation: A DCF valuation based on the projected 5-year cash flow statement
  • Direct Costs: Projections for direct costs usually as a percentage of revenue
  • Sensitivity Analysis: A sensitivity analysis on revenue and expense parameters of the DCF valuation
  • Depreciation: Depreciation schedule of all fixed assets for 5 years

Types Of Financial Models

We have worked with clients from a myriad of industries with different business and revenue models. While each business is unique and has its own strategy around pricing and revenue, some of the most frequently used financial models we have created in the past include:

SaaS Financial Models

Ecommerce Financial Models

Real Estate Financial Models

Subscription- based Financial Models

Freemium Models

Ad-based Models

Affiliate Financial Models

Retail Financial Models

Commission- based/Channel Sales Models

Consulting-type Financial Models

Drop-shipping Financial Model

Direct-to- consumer Models

Blockchain-based Financial Models

Flex-Pricing Financial Models

Why Stellar?

Expert Modellers

Our team consists of professionals who have previously worked in highly quantitative roles within investment banking, strategy consulting and private equity. We are highly numerate, and once we have understood your business model, we can quickly transform it into a robust, dynamic and easy-to-use financial model

Impeccable Track Record

Since 2012, we have worked with over 1,000 businesses, including startups, SMEs and large enterprises. We have established a respected name for ourselves in the industry and are proud of what we’ve achieved so far. Our clients include Microsoft, Gulf Mexico, Holiday Inn Resorts, Coca-Cola, Bob Marley Estates and the list goes on.

A Consulting That Has A Face

Unlike others, we allocate a dedicated consultant to your project who we believe is the most appropriate for it. Once we receive an initial request for your business plan, we match you to one of our consultants who have the relevant skills and industry expertise to work on your plan. They will collaborate and work with you for the entirety of the project, so you know who you’re working with.

Reliable Financial Assumptions

Financial modelling involves taking certain assumptions around the number of units sold in a month, the year-on-year growth, average salaries paid to employees, marketing spends etc. A good financial model will have provisions to enter these inputs. A great financial model is formed off the back of reliable research and assumptions taken based on key players and similar competitors in the industry. And we deliver nothing but the best

Financial Model Samples

Pitch Deck/Interim CFO for Crypto Trading Platform

A Rapid-fire Business Plan & Pitch Deck Critique By One Of Our Experts

If you already have a business plan and pitch deck that you just want reviewed by a fresh pair of eyes, then you’ve come to the right place because we have seen it all. You can now book an intensive one-to-one teardown session with one of our expert Consultants starting at just $300!

What Will The Session Include?

The critique session with our consultant will include a review of:

    • General layout, look and feel
    • Completeness of business plan / pitch deck
    • Language and tone
    • Major weaknesses
    • Missing information
    • Sections that can be improved and how

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