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We are a team of experienced, almost veteran, strategy consultants who have previously worked at the Big 4 and Big 3 consulting firms, large investment banks, hedge funds and private equity firms. We have helped more than 800 startups and small as well medium-sized firms develop comprehensive, robust, well-researched and realistic business plans for their business for the last 10 years. And in all those times we met all kinds of entrepreneurs. Some at the ideation stage looking not just for consultants but for partners who could work with them side-by-side to help grow their business from idea to launch. And then some at a more mature stage in their business looking for subject matter expertise whether its for expansion, raising capital, or building new partnerships. We have helped them all.

We help clients by preparing them for almost all endeavours they wish to undertake. And this includes developing solid business plans with thorough financial projections, preparing investor documentation i.e. pitch decks and assisting with the actual fundraise process – from identifying potential investors to signing a cheque! It may sound like a cliche but we genuinely are a one-stop shop and can help you get the headstart you need.



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An Initiative By ONS Business Consulting

ONS Business Consulting formed Stellar Business Plans as an initiative towards streamlining their business planning service. Due to the critical nature of this offering and the volumes of requests ONS receives, the team deemed it best to form an entirely separate and independent team focused solely towards writing business plans. This ensures our clients get the best and smoothest service possible.


Our Team

Ishan Chadha

Ishan has pursued Marketing & Accountancy from Harvard University, and his expertise lies in building comprehensive business strategies from scratch. He is a Certified Business Valuation Analyst and comes from...

John Walsh

John Walsh is a seasoned private equity and venture capital investor who has spent the last seven years investing in businesses ranging from startups to multi-billion enterprises. He has worked...

Steven Sartor

Steven is a consultant based in London and focuses on tech transformation, start-ups, growth, and innovation. In his career he has counselled leading global tech unicorns, governments, and other consultancies...

Megha Kapoor

Megha has ten years’ worth of experience in healthcare, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, and life sciences. She worked as an M&A analyst at JP Morgan and also has prior experience working in...

Patrick Larkin

Patrick is an internationally experienced Corporate Finance and Business Development specialist with 20 years’ experience raising finance, negotiating, executing and managing transactions in the technology sector, real estate and in...



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Our Mission

Our mission is to provide unparalleled support to entrepreneurs and startups looking not just for consultants or contractors but partners who would give them the strategic direction they need at such an early stage of their business lifecycle. And we want to do this in the most cost-effective and efficient manner possible.

Our Promise

We want to transform the way business consultants work with clients. We can’t stress enough on the importance of having the right partners work alongside you from Day 1 if you really want your startup to be the next unicorn. Which is why we have formed not a team of writers and designers but investment bankers and corporate finance professionals who have worked in the midst of all the ‘action’ leverage from their extensive experience.

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